Monday, July 22, 2013

4/24/2013 letter

Hey everyone!!
I am doing well! Lets see this week I learned some more Spanish, Studied the gospel and doctrine, learned some more spanish, studied a little more. Oh yeah and i wore the same tie twice. Way awesome. HAHAH no Really it is the same thing every day. Without my amazing teacher and district this would be a repetitive dream. I told you about Hermano Rowley, This week we met Hermano Thatcher he is a great guy!! Married working on a music major has a great love for the mtc the gospel and us. Another one of my teachers is Hermano Griffin. One of his best friends and roommates is Chase from my art 1010 class that i looked up to a lot he is the one that told me to read the Greatest Salesman in the World. So its awesome to have his good buddy here with me. He served in Argentina and has that accent I have to be careful because sometimes i pic it up on accident. All me teachers are amazing and I could not be more happy with them. I see friends from High School every day. Elder Varneys class is two doors down so I see him alot and it is great. My friend Elder Benhoff comes into day as well as Gibson I'm excited to see them. I hope all is well sorry For everything being so short. They are cracking down on the email time..... Thank you all for the letters getting mail is awesome when I see my name hahah. So until next weeks episode of letters from Elder Biesinger work hard and pray harder. ;)
I love you all
Elder Biesinger

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