Monday, July 22, 2013

5/2/2013 Letter and Pictures!

Hola todos!
Week three is now over basically!! I leave May 20 early in the morning for Chile I don't have to get a visa here in the states they just stamp it when I show up its pretty much the best because everyone else has to fight the Visa process Elder Varney has not got his visa yet so he has been reassigned to New Hampshire he is excited to go. The MTC is so full of spiritual experiences it is basically impossible to ever be sad or down. I would share all those but there isn't enough time in the world.A cool one this week is that a substitute teacher taught us that all things come through the spirit everything. And our goal for people is to give them that so basically we are giving them everything I know it sounds simple but the way it felt and the way he explained it was far from. I'm a Zone Leader now so its more work but I enjoy it its not bad. My district lost a lot this week we lost all three of our teachers and Elder Hess and Hermana Medina it was really hard for us elders to say goodbye to Hess he is going to do great it was just sad. He is being phased to the Peru MTC. So his companion Elder Durrant is now in a trio with me and Elder Lemley which so far is great! I like elder Durant a lot he is from Holladay and went to cottonwood high school it sucks though too because he is in a different mission then me.. I think it would be cool to see him after the misson. Elder Lemley and I are still doing great now. We finally met our branch president he was in Tonga visiting his mission after being gone 42 years President Johnson is a great guy and I like him. Our new teachers I don't know to well yet Hermano Rassmenson (I butchered that spelling and a lot of spelling in this whole email please bear with me) is pretty cool and so far he is my favorite. Hermano Lowe is cool just kind of quiet so I'm not sure yet. And we met our other teacher yesterday Hermano Call who actually served in San Diego got back in July and knows Andy Biesinger so that was kinda cool also the lady that cut my hair used to live next that Biesinger family So that was cool too. Elder Creason is The Elder from Canada who we are related too come to find out his great grandma is Audrey Biesinger who we went to her 80 birthday party 10 years ago if my mom and dad remember that. and yes she is still alive 90 years old 5 weeks ago i think. Umm what else oh yeah here in like the "middle" of the mtc there is this pine tree and at first I saw all these people smelling it thinking "wow what city newbies like really they have never smelled a pine tree before that is ridiculous" well one day someone was like lets smell it to see what all the hype is. IT SMELLS LIKE CREAM SODA!!!!!! So yeah its was awesome. As we were walking passed it the next day some kid was laughing because it looked ridiculous when people are smelling the tree but Elder Durrant was like hey go smell it then laugh. The Elder goes and smells it and freaks out yelling IT SMELLS LIKE CREAM SODA so yeah that is the cream soda tree. Also we finally got a new district this week. One of them is from Canada it is 7 elders two wrestlers they are cool they will be a great addition to our zone. The Wrestlers are from Snow canyon and Arizona there is also a big Bingham football player. He is Samoan. There are so many wrestlers here and its cool because even the box elder wrestlers we are all on the same team now. Umm yeah so idk what else to write I'm a little bit over time haha thank you for the letters. Well I love you all!
Love Elder Biesinger

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