Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6/10/2013 letter and pictures

Hola everyone!

So this week was good I realized that this is an even weirder place than ever but i just love Chile even more! You never know what's going to happen! I have been nipped at by countless dogs (anyone want to send me some kyan pepper that would fix em) ha there are like cows and horses and donkeys that just roam the streets constantly. I Love seeing the Andy's they are so big and straight up probably because of all the Earth quakes! Its still cold and most days are pretty foggy! but its okay I'd rather be cold than hot!

So this week no rain and the water line didn't break either so all is well with water! But there were like three tremors my companion feels them way faster than me. One was big enough and loud enough it woke me up. I guess they happen all the time and I want one to happen big enough to hear and feel before it stops haha. All the members tell us that the buildings are build for earthquakes but that's a solid lie. Ill send you pictures when I can of some good solid Chilean construction in makes me laugh its so great haha. They like add on to houses but only on the second level so there are just rooms chilling up on stilts everywhere ha. 

We have some more investigators and like 10 citas (appointments) with future investigators this week. Yorka now has a baptismal date for the 6 of July idk if i said this but they have to go to church 3 times before. We have a investigator who is a German Chilean so that makes him the biggest Chilean here ha. His name is Franz he has 3 sons who are all baptized they were all active until someone stepped out of like and offended him. He likes everything very much in order and not lazy i think that is his problem and the reason he is not baptized is because the Chilean people are very lazy and none committal. He can see some church leaders acting that way and he doesn't like it. His wife is a Jehovah witness we haven't talked to her yet but my companion is excited to he is very good at cutting and then rebuilding them into the true gospel its great he is a great friend and teacher! 

Everyone tells me that i need to wear a coat but in the middle of the day it is just to hot it is not winter here but its winter to them idk what to call it. It is so humid it is just weird but its fun. We went to Vina today he had to do an interview with pres. is is a lot like the bay area I guess always foggy in winter. There is a road that runs along the ocean and on the interior part its normal dirty Chile but on the beach side it looks like the nicest beach ever perfect sand side walk and everything there is no one there though because it is so cold but it was cool to see finally! I hope you can understand and decipher my letters with all of my spelling and grammar errors. well I love you all!!! take care!

I love Chile and I love This work. 

Love Elder Biesinger

P.s. just a little about my Spanish its getting better but i have to learn casagano spanish is what all the natives call it haha they think it is more fancy people are so funny and great here.

Wow, what a pizza!

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