Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6/18/2013 letter and pictures from the Zone Conference

Hey Everyone so Yeah today is Tuesday. Not Monday woah crazy I hope my mom didn't freak out do much yesterday when I didn't write! ha We had a Two Zone Mission conference yesterday With President and It was awesome It was a really good conference. We had to take like an hour micro bus ride up the mountain to get to it with a bunch of drunks talking about how we were white and have blond hair then talking about Joseph Smith and my companion told them about faith in Jesus Christ meanwhile I'm just holding on and trying to hear because the bus is so loud I can barely hear people talk that will take some getting used too!
Its still great here it keeps getting colder and they say August is the coldest wahoo. I'm getting better at Spanish when I can hear people I can understand usually at least 90 percent unless they really slur their words. I can normally have a conversation but it is hardly ever long or perfect but I'm getting there! 

Our Investigators as much as I love them some of then are killing me! Everyone is so lazy and non committal no one will complete their commitments so it is hard for them to progress we will probably drop a bunch this week which will be hard for me but if it feels right then its what we have to do. I feel like we also teach more less active lessons then anyone ever. Chile is 1 in 20 a baptized member and out of 7 to 10 members only one is active.. Thanks to the missionaries in the 80s who would just have baptism parties and anyone that showed up to play soccer or eat food got baptized. 

My favorite investigators because they progress very well are Franz and Pablo. Franz is the big German man and his attitude of get things done and very straight laced makes it feel more like America he and his family are amazing other then the wife who wont even come in the same room with us. Its sad. Pablo is the 15 year old brother of Daniel. Daniel and Evelyn have been talking with Missionaries for a year and a half Daniel is 11 his mom Evelyn is like 40. All of a sudden one day Pablo wanted to listen and share with us now he is way ahead and we are going to teach them tonight I feel like we will set a baptism date with him its awesome. 

Well other then that I just try to stay warm and not itchy from fleas or bit by dogs! 

I love you

Elder Biesinger

In my defense, I didn't freak out:) I was patient.   Lori

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