Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/1/2013 letter

Que tal! 
So yeah this week was more of the same! More people lying and not wanting to progress but its okay the blessings will always come! So funny story. People always lie here constantly. If you know how we knock doors we just yell alo! outside the fence well this week we were knocking doors (cuz we hardly get member references (working on that)) and we see someone look out the second level window right as one second later an 80 year old lady comes out she comes over and talks to us we ask if we can come teach her and she says well no I'm alone and I'm really busy. well she is sitting there saying this and we can still see someone up stairs looking at us so we ask well who is that up there looking at us and she says oh that was me I'm just really fast. I go down the stairs really fast. she just refused to tell the truth. Not that funny i know but at the time and in spanish it was way funny. Me and Stringham get along great! 
So I understand basically everything in spanish when i really focus which means i know realize that everyone talks about us haha. We stand out really bad but its okay. the only issue is people honestly think we are all kinds of things.. Men in Black, or spies, the CIA lots think we have guns. Basically unless you're a menos activo you have some crazy idea about who we are! 
People are really different here. There is not spirit of exploration or commitment so we are teaching different. We just leave if they haven't done their reading and other commitments it works because they love us coming over and it cuts them deep when we tell them we can't teach them until they do what we ask in order for them to progress. I hope it starts working. I am dying for progress. Part of the culture here is just straight soccer. I don't understand how they don't win every year everyone knows everything about it and everyone is good i think its because they are to lazy to work hard and practice. The Andie's are ginormous! I don't understand how they are not explored. I swear there has to be wildlife out there but no one knows. Don't get me wrong though i love Chile they do have a culture and i am taking everything good that i like from it for instance i bought my first knock off soccer Jersey today woo hoo. 
One of the best parts of the day is personal study of the scriptures and pmg. Other then that  its when investigators do something good. Like Estela she is a future investigator because we just contacted her and havent actually taught her yet but she missed an appointment so we were bummed but the next day we were walking and it was dark and we just hear someone yelling to get our attention we turn and i see this woman running at us and i realize who it is we walked to here and she apologized because she had to work on short notice and she set another appointment with us. she was carrying all of her school books with her and everything.  It was awesome to see that because no one does that here! I am praying she is as prepared as she seems.
Well all is well!!! I love to hear from people I hope all is well!! Love you!!
Love Elder Biesinger
P.S. Enjoy your 4th! Blow something up for me!! 

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