Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6/3/2013 Letter


So yeah it rained all day last Monday all through the night and all day Tuesday they cancelled school and the streets were legitimate rivers but people still drive crazy. I'm convinced that a Chilean colectivo (like a taxi but different look it up hahah) driver would be the best nascar driver ever. Other then that i have now experienced pulgas or fleas in English they suck but are no match for the shower mwahah. 

We have four investigators now Daniel is 11 he lives with his family his mom has a convive, a live in boyfriend, so we cant baptize here because it is a mess but Daniel is very accepting and progressing

Valentina is 9 and her dad is a dead drunk her mom and grandparents are members but haven't been in 26 years we are reactivating them and hopefully starting Valentina on the right path

Jaime is like 40 lives in Las Tomas with his mom and wife and like 5 other random family members he is a smoker but that's nothing the gospel can't fix. I am excited to teach him for the second time this week.

Jorka is 50 years old she has a mother who is dying and when we went to bless her she was very out of it. I don't know what to think but she told us we were angels and had wings it was very hard to get out of the room she wouldn't let us leave in was sad. Jorka is an alcoholic so palabra de sabidudria is what we will teach and all other things of course.

Spanish is still really rough I'm getting better at listening and understanding to i can contribute more. My companion is great and a very great missionary and trainer. We have a good time.  

We did some some service this week to a house that got flooded we had actually knocked the house two days previous and got rejected hard. Then on Saturday a member asked if we would come help his neighbor so we did and sure enough there was the man that rejected us. I worked hard shoveling mud and water out of his backyard he wouldn't face us but we are going back this week and I hope his heart it softened. He and his family need our message.

My calves are getting bug from walking so many hills and I am in much better shape then when I left home so its a nice bonus. I love this weird country the food is great even though a lot of things are drenched in lemon. well anyways I love you all!! Until next week

Love Elder Biesinger

That is one huge pie your Mamacita made you

got to love the sunglasses, he got them there

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