Monday, July 22, 2013

5/9/2013 letter and pictures

11 Days left in the MTC! It is moving fast I love it and I am excited and pretty nervous to go to Chile but so so ready to Invite people to come unto Cristo. The spanish is slowly getting better I don't know how much it matters because everyone says spanish in Chile is completely different but what an adventure! This week we had a devotional by Chad Lewis a ByU tight end and he played for the Eagles his talk was great it was like a Missionary pregame talk it got my blood pumping but the spirit was so present at the same time it was quite the experience to have. I took me back to high school Doing our pregame prayer and pregame routine. Its game time and its time to get going I am so excited I had such a great experience in class the other day as well with one of the ZRT zone resource teachers he has taught us some stuff that makes me understand my purpose and the purpose of the atonement way more. It is too deep and to complicated for most of the investigators who we basically will have to teach like an eight year old which will be great! But It was awesome D&C 88 and 84 and a few others talk about Who God is and what it means to be a God. It humbled me and motivated me so much that I have been like a blood hound lately I feel like. I feel different I hope its not weird different I just feel really good. We got another new zone this week four elders and four hermanas one is a wrestler from Bonnie lake in Washington who we actually would wrestle every year at the Rumble it was cool to make that connection because the Elder Wrestled Britian Carter so yeah awesome. Another one of the Elders is Danny Ainges son none of us have mentioned it to him even though we all know. That is not what he is here for so there is no reason to bring it up yet until its gym time then we will have a good time and laugh a little. He came off a little full of himself at first but he ended up being a great guy. Being in a trio is something different its almost easier during lessons but hard at the same time I  enjoy it because i like Elder Durrant a lot and I am glad i get to get closer to him before we go to different missions in Chile. Elder Lemley is great and I we get along super well sometimes he is really quiet and hard on himself but its nothing we cant handle. I love getting letters and I am going to try harder to answer questions when they are asked because I feel like there is so much to say and share!! Life is great and the Gospel is amazing with out it we could never know how to live to return to live with our God. I love being here and I love you all. Be safe!
Love Elder Biesinger
James with Jake Varney

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