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5/27/2013 First letter from Chile and pictures

Well here I am in the weirdest place in the world! Its awesome                                                          though!!

My first impression of Chile was in the airplane right as we touched the ground. I thought we had hit some terrible turbulence because it was so foggy i couldn't see the run way out the window then I realized we had landed. It was freezing! The flight was very long. I either tried to sleep studied filled out papers so I could get in the country or talked to people. Either way it blew. I was so glad to land here!
The first day we drove into Vina and it was cool on the bus they gave us some food and it was just a basic ham and cheese but it was amazing!! the bread is to die for i haven't been eating to much of it because I would get fat! We stopped at the top of Vina and got out and looked at the view and talked with president Kenline is how you pronounce it. He and his wife are awesome! He speaks English but only uses Spanish. He also knows German so its cool I like him! Day one we just had an interview and then went to a pension (apartment) and got to relax the next day we had orientation and it was all in Spanish it was miserable. There were only seven greengos that come in our group and 25 Latins from the Santiago mtc. I understood enough to know what was going on but that's it.
That night we met our trainers. My trainers name is Elder Stringham he is from Arizona and he is awesome. He has been here for like 21 months so I will kill him after he is done training me. He still works very hard even though he is leaving soon he is a great leader and example. He has been a zone leader most his time here and now is the DL. my first area is in a town called Quilpue our sector is called Anibal pinto (B) we are opening this area so we hardly have any info on it. Its awesome though. Elder Stringham was born in this zone in Quilpue centro and he will die here so its cool for him. I love it here its way weird though.
We have a couple of investigators all ready and lots of hopeful future. We have been knocking doors even though you don't knock. you just walk up to the house and yell ALO!! Ever house has like a zombie proof fence the roads are normally in the bottom of like the little hills and the houses are up on the side of the hill its crazy. We live up on a hill here in Quilpue on a road called Antonio Varas if you want to google earth it. Here in Chile they just build on the same land a family just keeps building a house one higher and higher on the hills. we live in a house that is the second one up we live behind Hermana Marleca Flores and her family she is the nicest lady ever she feeds us way to much and the food is good! a lot just normal like in America. Our pension is way nice but it gets freezing at nice. because they don't know how to build air tight houses here! There is daylight coming in through all the doors and windows but its still cool.
There are millions of dogs here. Every house has at least one or two alot of the time more inside their fence and then there are like six stray dogs outside every house. Some are mean and some are nice. There are a few dogs at houses that will call killer because they want to eat us. But is you bend down like you are grabbing a rock the back off and even better it you just turn and run at them the run away. The crazy thing is that the moment one dog starts howling the whole country starts howling there are so many dogs that it just spreads like fire. At first it was hard to fall asleep because they are always making Noise.
There is so much I could talk about but we will save some for later. One thing that hit me hard was we were knocking or ALOing doors and we were in an area of our sector called La Tomars it basically means to take. Its just a dirt field where it is basically legal to squat. Welcome to poverty James was just going through my head. We knocked a door and a little voice come and said who's there in Spanish obviously. After like 10 minutes of waiting this little old almost blind women let us through the gate. She had been baptised 40 years ago. She lives with here kids now in this tomar and it is freezing in it. All here kids had left here to go drink so we had a lesson and gave her a blessing i wanted to just give her the biggest hug it was so sad. Her kids came back some of them drunk but still very nice just obnoxious. We promised to come back she was so sad it is just a different world there. We are going to get her back to church I hope! It was a huge testimony builder that I belong here but it was still sad.
Here in Chile they don't speak Spanish so when I can communicate I will let you know! haha its rough. But i am doing okay!!
Oh yeah I forgot about the book of Mormon placing. So basically everyone got a Latin companion but me and Elder Lemley. So we thought we were hosed: They were nice and dropped us off last because we were the only companionship that didn't have a native speaker. we were dropped off with four other sisters. We walked off placed the Libro and were the first ones to the house it was funny how lucky we got. Yes we were dropped off close but the sisters dropped off with us were the last ones back hahah
Well I love you all!! I love Chile and I love Padre Celestial and his son.
Love Elder Biesinger
 PS  It is freezing here too fyi. not so much during the day but like today is my first Chilean rain and it has been pouring all day and it is freezing!!!! So glad I brought all the warm clothes!!! Also our heater broke so we have to buy a new one today but there are just cheap little things. My theory is that Chile used to be part of America then all the dogs in America ran to Chile and it fell down here to south America and got south Americanized

James and Elder Stringham

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