Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 23, 2015

Well what a week!

It was a really fast cool week we had conference with President Díaz and it went really well. We also had the District conference with all the members of the district. It's a big area as far as traveling so they did all the conference on Sunday instead of Saturday and Sunday like a normal stake conference it was a cool experience because our investigators were able to meet president and his wife, also Presidents son was there; who has been living in "Las Vegas" moapa valley, but is here for a little while longer so that was a cool conference.

After Zone Conference we had like a miniature interchange with the Assistants it was cool to go and visit the Hevia family in a Tio then at night we all got back together the AP's and a few other elders that had to go to Viña from our zone to practice singing for the Christmas Choir. So on Wednesday night there were 7 Elders in our Pension. (It wasn't a party after 11 we went to bed like good boys. haha) But the next morning we woke up  a little early for exercises and went to a nearby baby futbol field and played 5 vs 5 because the other Elders from Los Vilos and our Branch President came and played with us. It was a good time.

Also on Sunday the whole Fam Hevia came, other than the Two Jesus´because they had to work.. but the boys also brought a friend and Nicolas the recent Convert has been helping us a ton on Saturday we had 12 Young men in mutual.. ahahah Nico made a facebook page and called a few of the boys on Sunday morning so that they would come to church and a few actually came! Its been awesome!

Anyways part of the presentation my comp and I did in conference was based on becoming who the Lord wants us to be and how the Mission rules help us to get there. So we made page 2 of the White bible because it doesn't exist. We copied the form that the book is made and printed out little papers to glue in there with the number 2 at the bottom ha we also gave them a big paper with things that the Lord asks and things that He hopes of Us. Anyways I wanna share what page two said. On page one it says we should Learn and live the Higher Law that Jesus Taught so we put the title of page two as The Higher Law
With these Scriptures and references:

Alma 25:15-16 (It won't let me Copy and paste...)

(then below the whole scripture we put

Moises 1:39 Work and Glory of God
D&C 11:20 Our Work
Alma 29:9 Our Gloria
Mormon 9:28 Our Goal

I know that its kinda a missionary topic but the truth is that we all need to be capable of living the higher law and so that is my invitation.

Love you all a lot its hard to express it like this but I want y'all to know it.

Elder Biesinger

They had lunch at the Hotel and took time for a photo op hahaha

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