Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 19, 2015

Well what a crazy week My comp left and now I'm in a trio with the other Elders here until Wednesday when the new one comes. I have zero idea who it will be but that's how changes always are here. So I'm excited. Our last week was pretty crazy. My time is kinda short because I'm alone now as far as sending the numbers and information to the mission so It took a little longer today. So I'll try to send more pics to make up for less writing okay?

-Monday we ate sushi with the President of the Branch and his family way good
-We taught some really good lessons together as our last week teaching the commandments with lots of power.
-We have been visiting the mission leader that was inactive. He came to the activity and to church and we will have a meeting on Saturday :)
- Our Converts are too cool! Blanca is moving to Utah in December but teaches all her people here that She is Mormon ha she was a 7th day as well so its pretty cool.
- We did a talent night activity you will have to see the pictures... We bought wigs and did a little show hahaha
-Elder Fraser is in ViƱa now and will leave on Tuesday to Argentina so that was the week basically!

Love Elder Biesinger

Eating Sushi with the district

Saying good-bye to Elder Fraser

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