Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 5, 2015


So what a week, I loved the conference. I loved the week. Its so great to Just know and feel so strongly that everything you are doing is OK. That the Church is true and lead by spiritual Giants. So here is a quick summary of my week. 

-Monday was good we ate pizza and had two good lessons with our converts
-Tuesday we went to Sergio Herrera he is a member who is struggling a little bit, his basically adopted son passed away and he is having a hard time. But he is coming around and is ever strong. Especially for being a member since April of 2013.
-After that we went with Nicolas our convert to his Aunts house. She is Awesome we taught her and she came to the conference and Nicolas is working so that he can baptise her. WE FOUND SOMEONE :) also it's cool because it could help that all of Nico's family might soften their hearts. So Ana Maria is her name we have to teach her she can't Drink wine, but that probably the biggest issue... Hopefully. 
-Wednesday we got on the Bus and went to Viña my companion had to take the end of your mission English exam to get a certificate for work and school opportunities he did really well. we had to go Wednesday because there was no buses on Thursday that met the hour. 
-Thursday we woke up and played a game of soccer in a rain storm with the AP's and the Office elders 4 on 5 we won.
We then had planning for the week and the APs had to go do interviews so we were there in their pension, then we went and worked in their area Viña doing contacts. It was pretty difficult it was raining and the people in the City of Viña are not so loving. They live a faster life. The Aps have another area but we don't know how to get there so we just worked where we were. 
-Friday we had leader conference with President Díaz and his Wife it was a great experience we learned a lot. 
Then obviously Saturday and Sunday Conference 
So we are pretty spiritually charged. 

With all that being said. I want to talk about the parable of the two men that one built his house upon the Rock and the Other upon the sand. 
As you know We had a 8.4 earthquake here in my Zone. 
Los Vilos is Built on a massive rock that goes deep into the ground. While the intensity of the quake was practically the same as other areas the damage was almost nothing from the earthquake itself (the tsunami had its way). 
Illapel is built on top of loose dirt. Many of the buildings have fallen to the ground and were destroyed. 

LIke the gospel we cannot be built upon loose dirt. Christ organized the Church so that we would not be lost or drifted in the wind. With false doctrines. 

After this weekend I KNOW that we are built upon the rock. I feel the firmness of the Gospel and of its Leaders. 
Christ is at the head. We shall not fear, Let us have faith, ask in prayer what more can we do, "ponderize" Or study the scriptures, treasure the women in our lives and always remember what Christ has done for us. I know that there were many lessons from the conference but these are a few. 

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. 

Elder Biesinger

Elder Fraser with Ana Marie and Nico

James and Elder Fraser

After soccer picture, Raining really hard.

Cute little girl trying to make James stay with her.

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