Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hey yall (No I´m not Jake)


Well this week was pretty Great! It was alotta fun!

On Saturday all of the missionaries from the Zone, with a few of the District leaders, we all went to a little Branch called Canela. They don't have missionaries there and there have only been 5 people going to Church so we went to visit all the members. Enough people showed up that me and my comp and one other companionship didn't receive any names to go and Visit. So we just went out and acted like we were opening a new area... Just contacting and inviting everyone to the Church. It was allota fun when someone said (I don't have time come another day) to tell them that this was the only day and that we were not going to be there again. Ha the looks that we got.. Even though it will probably be a monthly activity. I really enjoyed it. Canela Baja was the center of the Earthquake it got wrecked. Lots of building fallen and lots of sad people. It was a good time and it was a blast all the missionaries went together in a Chauffeured Van, so we just went talking and having a good time and worked really well.  The Zone here is all full of old missionaries.. Ha there is only one missionary that will still be here when I leave. This week we will have Conference with president so we have been at full getting stuff ready. ha

Also I just gotta say that Yesterday in the Church I was so Happy The three Hevia sons came to Church Jesus Ruben and Benjamin also two less active YM we had mutual on Saturday we organized a ping pong tournament 7 youth came. Its a miracle when a month ago we only had 1 young man and that was Nicolas our Convert. Anyway Nico also brought his aunt to Church so maybe we will see some Progress with her as well. Things are just to cool here I really Love Los Vilos.

Remember that Perfect Love Casteth out all Fear Moroni 8:16 (I'm pretty sure) But That scripture we should apply to our selves today. Do we really Love God do we really Love those around us? If So why would we doubt Gods love for us. God loves us Perfectly therefore he has no fear to harm us or to act and put in place commandments and rules that while they might hurt our feelings they will Save and Protect us. God does not fear hurting our feelings. We should not fear standing for the Truth. We should not fear Giving our all for the cause of Righteousness. I also believe that 1 John 4:18 Talks about the same. Its something that we need in these days. I remember that a few weeks ago I had read Mark 13 where is says that many of the Chosen would be deceived and fall away Look at where we are at now. God loves us and Loving out brother does not mean Letting him do what he wants I means Protecting him it means Defending him defending him from the snares of the enemy. The line is set we should not Cross it.

Love you all and I miss you too. But we will see each other soon enough with how fast the days Go By.

Elder Biesinger

Espiritu Santo El coligue means Holy Ghost

Jog out to sea lion beech 

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