Thursday, November 5, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hola Buenas.

So, this week was very windy.  The sun was hot, but the southern wind was freezing cold... We survived in the end, but it was a fun time, the weather throws on fun experiences.

So this week
-Mabel organized her first Family Home Evening all by herself and did a great job it's cool to see so much change.
-Nicolas still doesn't have school because his school that is in Illapel was damaged pretty bad so he has been going with us to lessons, it's been great the kid has a testimony that makes people cry.  We also have been singing to the Grandma's with Nico and it's been a fin time.
-We had Zone meeting and it was a good time. The sisters brought breakfast with brownies, banana bread, quesadillias and jello. ha It was pretty great I'll send pictures.
-I went to Salamanca on an interchange we had a good time I saw lots of damage. I'll send pictures.
-On the way back on the bus there was little kids throwing up ha it was a fiasco.
-We left one of out investigators (Janed) because she is kinda scared of her boyfriend so she doesn't go to church and we did all we could as well as the other missionaries during the last 2 years...
-Chile beat Brazil 2-0 and Argentina lost to Equador so everyone has been bugging Elder Fraser haha
-We did a service carrying 2 small washing machines one at a time from one house to another about a mile away. hahaha
- We have been eating way to much because everyone wants to spoil Elder Fraser in his last few weeks.

All in all time is going by and I am having a blast teaching the Gospel and trying to be the Absolute best I can be.  This will be the last week with my Comp. so we will see what happens, but change is good

Love you guys
Elder Biesinger


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