Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 2, 2015

Well ladies and Gentlemen its been 360 days since I left home the third round of my mission. This week I'll complete a year.
What a year it has been and honestly it's been a huge blessing I have grown to love this Gospel so much. The Scriptures are my Best Friend I look forward to reading them and finding a new treasure everyday even in something that I have read lots of times.
The love that I have grown to develop it something that I also treasure. I love the people much more than I have before. It's been a great year. I could go on for hours talking about all I have learned but I don't have time for that.
So on to a quick recap about the week.
-We got a guy to pour his alcohol out in the street it was a fun experience. ha
-We ate cake and sang to Elder Contreras. He is a great Elder who has a story that one day hopefully I'll have time to share.
-So many miracles. I honestly could not believe it. We found another family The parents are inactive but the they have four sons.
Jessica is the mom
Jesus is the Dad
And four sons
Jesus 15
Ruben 13
Benjamin 10
Angel 6
We are really excited to work with them and it's cool because being the Counselors of the Young mens gives you a little more power to get them excited.

- The area of south america is doing a read the BOM before the April Conference so we did a cool calendar with the leader misional.

Other than that its been a great week. I really am short on time becasue we had to send a crap load of monthly information so the next week I'll try to write a little more. But I am doing really well. I love this thing that I wake up doing everyday.

Elder Biesinger

Mammoth in Los Vilos with Elder Draney

Cool Fountain in Los Vilos

A little old house that they use as a meeting house.

James and Elder Draney

Awesome Los Vilos fishing boat

James reading in the apartment

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