Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015 Letter

Hey everyone! So a big happy birthday to my dad! Love you dad. 

This week I'll say it again, flew by.. It was a week a little hard for me. Sometimes I get frustrated to not see the results I want. But the only thing to do is keep on working, and with a smile! Animo! But for reals the mission is the greatest. Every day a new experience of all kinds. I love my area. It is beautiful, looking out the window in the morning is pure Joy. The Gospel that we teach however is pure and it is the most joy that there is. I love to realize that if everyone in the world listened to the missionaries, the world would be a better place. So I'll just keep doing my best to get everyone to listen.

Its starting to get colder here it's crazy. After the eruption of the volcano (which filled the house of my comp with Ash) not even a little ash got here, the wind is too strong in the other direction sending it all to Argentina. But it was really cloudy here for a few days with out warning. I'm no weather man but I have heard that volcano's have a big effect on the weather. It'll be interesting to see what happens next down here in Chile.  

Something that I have been thinking a lot about lately is the condition of our hearts. The scriptures are full of lessons of the heart. Thoughts of the heart pride of the heart, love in our hearts, broken hearts to be humble and learn from the spirit which speaks to our hearts. There are a lot of scriptures. I have been trying to focus on that a lot lately. What is in our hearts is our treasure. If we are prideful it will be our downfall; if we are not virtuous in our hearts, we are unclean and there for unworthy of the kingdom of God. Okay but I feel like I am rambling, so the point I want to make is that our heart and our mind are like a garden. If we fill it with pride its like laying concrete over it. If we fill it with righteousness and love we will be able to reap good fruit. I really want to be able to show more love to all people, that is one of my goals in this moment. 

This week were were having lunch with our mamita and her family. They are really great. While we were eating the dad of our mamita came home from a hunting trip ha. A pretty cool blessing for me. It was a cool opportunity to be close to something I love even in a land so far away. The pictures include me and a few bunnies, Hermano Juan, and his shotgun. ha. 

I'm sure I'll have a lot more to write about next week so until then! 
Love Elder Biesinger

A building in James Area

Happy Birthday to Dad!

Picture of James tracking in his area

Elder Gomez

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