Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 letter

Hey all 
Well this week again passed by super fast! I don't even realize when Monday arrives hardly. 
So this week we found a few new people! We ended up teaching 5 youth from the ages of 14 to 25ish that are real interesting it was a lesson that maybe someday i'll take the time to share all the details. But for now the most important it that when you are in a sticky situation its always better to have friends instead of enemies or unknowns. So make friends with everyone but don't change your standards to be their friend, it's better that everyone knows where you stand. 

(Corina) One night we were walking trying to do some contacts, and in front of us a Micro stopped and a lady got off. As we walked to where she was, she stayed in our path. We said hello and she said hello! I'm going to walk with you because in this area its always better to walk with two men then by yourself because you never know when one of this "without shames" (thieves, muggers, dirtbags) is going to try something. We laughed a little and started to talk. We gave her a card and started to talk about Christ, she started to explain that she has participated in lots of different churches, but never in ours. She then said that she needed to ask a question, but wanted the truth. Then she asked us if we were extra terrestrials.. hahahaha She asked because the steeple used to have a metal rod then she asked someone the same question and the metal Rod disappeared. It was a good laugh and she asked us a lot of stuff from multiple wives, to the virgin. We ended up teaching her, and I think with a lot of work and miracles she will progress really well. Her husband works on the sea on a boat I believe fishing. He takes the Book of Mormon with him according to her even though they have no Idea what it really is. 
This week I ended up feeling really sick I woke up Saturday morning feeling pretty crappy, but went through the day the best I could then Sunday was worse. There is a bit of a stomach flew going around, but I decided it would be a good idea to ask my comp for a blessing because I was really feeling out of it. After the Blessing from the words said, and the feeling I had, I decided that I needed to in that very moment be really excited and just get all the things for the night done as best as I could. So, I did and I promise you that I felt pretty much 100 percent better. Faith and the Power of the Priesthood are things that you cant argue with. I hope everyone can look for chances to exercise faith and the Priesthood for ourselves or for others. 
Well its been a pretty great week this morning we went and played futbol with a LA and all his buddies it was interesting but a lot of fun. I'm learning little by little to control that dang ball with my feet! I hope I can take advantage of every second of my mission, not to learn to play soccer but to become closer to the person I'm destined to be.

Chilean Sunrise....Awesome!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

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