Monday, April 20, 2015

April 13, 2015 letter

Alright so another week has flown by, and how crazy it has been! For reals one of the craziest weeks ever. We had interviews with president that went really well. We also had a few run ins with some crazy Drug addicts and alcoholics but nothing to sketchy (Gotta love Valparaiso) and we started teaching some more people. We are always finding new people to teach every week, some more promising than others, so I normally only write about the ones that look promising cause of time, and all that. But Anyways, we started teaching English classes this week and that led us to visit a family of members, because they asked us if we could come help their daughter study.  In the end they ended up telling us that their neighbors wife had recently passed away. Long story short they are Christians, but the dad is mad at God. He has a 16 year old and a 5 year old. He had made it so that they are the same way. But we went by to visit them, when we knocked the door the mother of the father answered the door, we talked with her for a good time and had a spiritual discussion. In the end, we left her with a Book of Mormon, and a card that says "Will we see our beloved beings after this life?" with the video on the website. Her name it Gilda her son is Roberto and his daughter the grandaughter of Gilda is Dankary. We are praying that we can work through the Grandma to soften the heart of the father. The Daughter Dankary is receptive as well being that her friend is a member. But we are going to need a lot of miracles to get this family where they need to be. I know that its no coincidence we are talking with them, so something good will happen. 

I really enjoy short verses of Scripture for a few reasons they are easy to memorize sometimes they are over looked when searching for deep teaching, and they are good phrases. So, I decided to give one of my favorites a better look. Jacob 6:12 Oh be wise... but how can we be wise? Well Mormon 9:28 says by asking to not being tempted and separating ourselves from the things without value to serve the true and living God. Alma 5:13 says that if we serve the true and Living God and are faithful to the End that we well be saved. Also in 2 Nephi 31:15 The Father him self gives us the promise that if are faithful and endure to the end we will be saved. Therefore Oh Be Wise what more can I say?

I'm really loving the mission and Chile I hope that all is well and happy! 
Mando Saludos a todos!

Elder Biesinger

James in Vina getting legal paperwork done for his Chilean Identification

Elder Gomez

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