Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you post 2015

Wow and another one bites the dust! Another week, and another Change. 
This week was pretty great, full of challenges and triumphs. Plenty of things are happening and changing! It's starting to get a little colder and so I'm feeling that the Chile that I first met and loved is getting ready to make a come back. 
This week we taught a guy named Luis From France, he is 25 years old and he is a catholic missionary. ha Yeah that's right a catholic missionary. So, There is a house here in my area called "Punto Corazon" There are about 8 "missionaries" that live in the house men and women from Chile, Hungry, Poland, Argentina and France. One day we decided we wanted to know what this operation was, so we yelled a the door. Luis came out, a little surprised, they were about to start a meeting so he invited us to come the next day. We Explained how we would like to know what they do and all that. Well we ended up not having time to pass by that day so this week we ran into Luis and set another time to visit. We went by, and he was all alone.  We entered the house he offered something to drink, we asked for water. And we started to talk. After letting him talk and tell us about himself and them.  We started to talk a little saying things like; hey its really cool what you guys do, you do a lot of good, we do this too. Or oh yeah its really cool that you are all here to be a part of the ward and help people with stuff that they need and share "compasion." (his word) and be source to help people leave the drugs and stuff. That's something really great; we are here to teach people how to come unto Christ. We ended up teaching him about the restoration and baptism. not in depth but to the point where you could see in his eyes and feel with astonishment. His Eyes teared up. We have plans to write our testimonies and give them to him in a Book of Mormon this week. It was a cool lesson. He kinda sat there not knowing what to do. It would be hard for him to accept it being that he had dedicated 18 months of his life to being catholic. 
We also found a man named Edgardo Soto he had shared with missionaries before.  So when we knocked the door it was easy to enter being that he has prostate cancer, diabetes and he is anemic. He is thin and pretty skinny. He told us that he needs to be baptised. So we are going to be working to find a way to help him go to church and fulfill his goal of Baptism the 30th of this month. 
Something that I realized as we taught Luis and he took like 5 minutes to find Amos in the Bible is that we are very blessed to have so much of the word of God in our lives as members! We need to treasure it. Luis doesn't understand the bible because he has not studied it with the spirit and the knowledge of the Gospel. HOLD TO THE ROD. The Iron rod is the word of God and if you let go the world takes you. Lucifer takes you. Its not a brain wash its not a trick it's the answers to the test that whether you like it or not you are taking at this very moment with every breath of life you take. With out the Iron Rod you will fail. I will fail, we will fail. Lets all set the goal to treasure the truth the answers to the test. I love you all.  I hope you all have success this week! Until next week from the land of the first inheritance. 
Elder Biesinger

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