Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 18, 2015

What A WEEK, ha it honestly seems like time doesn't function the same for me as it does the rest of the world. It's a little stressful, but oh well! So, the Training is coming along great! My comp is really a good Elder and is learning to talk to the people in lots of situations. It's helped me a lot to be able to see what I really can do. But thank goodness for the support of God. I understand a lot more of what is said when they glory not in their own strength, but in the Strength of their God. With out that strength I'd be fried. 
(finally we had a small tremor, so the fears of the "Big one" can be hushed a little :(  )
Also it has been really foggy, like all week. Normally all the morning until like 3 in the afternoon, maximum visibility is 2 blocks and in the morning its like half a block. ha Super Humid. 
We had a good week Edgardo and his wife Maria came to church. Edgardo if all keeps going well, will be baptized the last Sunday of the month, as well as his wife "if she receives her answer". So, lots of Prayers and faith that they can keep progressing. Also Mirza, Claudios mom, will be married on July 21st.  So, I'm thinking maybe the Baptism on the 24th? ;) haha 
But, really we have been seeing lots of miracles, and the hand of God helping us a lot in the work here. I just pray that it will keep on going well. We have been trying hard. 
Ha this week we were walking and a drunk guy stopped us in the street to talk. He was a friendly drunk, so I decided to stop.  Maybe we would be able to help him. ha He told us that we were good people, so he liked us. But, that his brother was Bad, so he was going to shoot him. hahaha I'm pretty sure that he was serious in his drunken stupor. He was covered in wine. (boxed wine the preferred drink of street alcoholics in Chile) But he asked us to please help him get to his house.  We helped him stumble to his house and talked with him a bit. The majority of Chileans are not really dark skinned, most are pretty white. Auturo this man is one of them, he explained how his family is a family of gypsies from Hungry; and all the story if was pretty interesting. In the end I almost had him convinced that we were going to go with him to throw his pistol in the ocean, but he said that the truth was that his pistol was in the neighbors house because he isn't allowed to have it hahah Playa Ancha is a little crazy.
Love you all I hope that you have a great week with lots of Exito and Animo! 
Elder Biesinger

      Hopefully gives you an idea of the fog at midday doesn't clear up very much. Four days straight

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