Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter from 12/15/2014

Hey all another week flew by! Seriously this week went be so fast! After last Monday we had went to run in the morning and then played baby like I told you but this kinda pushed my comp over the stress edge a little bit and he has had a pretty bad cold since Wednesday. Saturday morning he was so sick that he took the morning to rest and try to feel better so instead of leaving to work at 11 we left at like 1:20 this meant that I had a lot of time on my hands. I did my hour of personal study then another hour of personal study instead of comp study because he was sleeping and then I did an hour of language study instead of the half hour. That put me at 11:30 and he was still pretty sick so I did some more studying cleaning and I made a Christmas tree out of cardboard and a sprite bottle ha I was desperate. 
This week Maria Jesus was baptized. Her mom was baptized on October 21st, I think.  She wanted to set the example for her 8 year old daughter and she didn't feel ready yet so we had been teaching her a little bit but mostly trying to get the ward involved. It was really cool. It was a good experience and numbers don't matter souls do. The desire to follow Christ matters.  and this little 8 year old girl is more than ready she is really smart and was begging to be baptized.
We also have a baptismal date for Jose Luis, the 17th of January. He will be married on the 10th and then he will be baptised the following week. Also we started to teach the Manager of the place where we do email. Its a little store that sells eggs and milk and snacks and has five computers. His name is Porfilio. He is gold. He is really great if all goes well he will have a baptismal date tonight when we come teach him at 9:00 when he closes the store so pray for that please. 
This week will be the Conference with President Kahnlien. It will be my Zone (Belloto) and another Zone Quillota. Its on Wednesday. So there should be pics on the mission blog soon, as well as my blog.  This week also went by fast because we did a lot of service for people. Trimming bushes and painting. I like doing the service its a nice way for people to realize that we are not just Pharisees. I also Had an amazing lunch yesterday. Churriana Ill send a pic. Its one of my favorite foods here, really unhealthy, but soo good. I hope everyone is enjoying this season and the snow, I miss the snow!  I hope we can all continue to remember the Greatest gift of all the Gift that God gave the world. For he so loved the World that he gave his son. I know that my salvation and the salvation of all is only possible through Christ. Please partake of the gift. 

I love you 
Elder James Biesinger
Baptism of Maria Jesus 

James awesome shower... haha

Picture of his favorite lunch! Looks amazing.

James and his Christmas tree

James Christmas tree and things sent from home.

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