Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hey everyone! How was Thanksgiving? I'm sure it was good! It was good for me to even though it wasn't Thanksgiving here. Thursday was by far the best day this week. There is a member family here in the ward. The Family Barria, and the mom of this family knows everyone! So, on Thursday we went around to like four of her friends and taught there families. It was honestly, so great! She was even doing contacts in the streets. (contacting all the same people that have rejected us already) so it didn't do much good. But the families we went to teach are really good and we have appointments to meet with them this week. So fingers crossed that it goes well because other than that knocking doors doesn't get us anywhere. The problem is that the world is so far away from God in our day. People are living the Book of Mormon. (Alma 45:24) it makes it hard to find those willing but with a member it is so much easier. For me this week and honestly everyday of my life I realize how great the plan of our God is. Its so simple! Mosiah 2:41 if people could just realize that the Price of Salvation was not cheap, so its not given away, but if you just follow Gods commandments it pays off! In preach my gospel it says that Gods plan is for us to have success in this life and to return to him in the next life. SUCCESS is not just in things spiritual. He wants his Children to be happy but they are to scared to let go of what they think will give them success and Grab on to what God has established as a way to gain success. When we follow God and accept the Savior the power of heaven sustains us in all things. I know it. 
But yeah that's my soap box for this week. Other than that it was a good yet rough week. It rained all day Saturday, which is really not common here.  Everyone always says that it will never rain unless it's May through October. I have been praying for rain because its so blasted hot!! The problem is when it rains, the lazy become lazier, and the paranoid become obsessed. Ha so no one wants to open there doors everyone is afraid they are going to be sick and even sometimes the members. ha its something else. I love it. Then also this week they had "Teleton" (a TV marathon) where they raise millions of dollars that is supposed to be used for medical research to help children that have disabilities or are terminally ill. So it's even harder because Chileans love to be Chilean so everyone is supporting Teleton, because its huge! So everyone has their TV on and everyone goes to the fundraisers. ha. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how we were helping with teleton....... Other than that the week was good like I said its hot to be in the streets all day but it keeps me in good shape. Also I found a pull-up bar in our pension this morning so I was pretty ecstatic about that.. hahaha I love the mission and am so glad to be here I'm learning so much everyday. Never let fear or the fact that something is difficult stop you from doing something. Heavenly father well help you at the point that it truly is to difficult. I know that and I testify of that. I love you all. Until next week!
Please enjoy the real Christmas season because Christmas in the summer isn't the same! ha
James eating his breakfast burrito made of garbonzo beans, eggs, and hot dog

Chilean sidewalks. There are so many dogs that when the concrete is wet they leave a mark!

Selfie with Elder Valsco, cuz why not, Ha!

James doing his work out. Handstand push-ups. He can do a few without the wall!

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