Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

Well I feel like I don't have much to say this week! ha It was great to talk with the fam I spilled most of the week to them. This week of holidays has been really rough. Not really because I miss home (of course it is rough to be here instead of there during Christmas) but more because the people are more stubborn and few and far between. Being in the street you think "wow where are all the people that were here last week" but its cool there is nothing that work does not fix. So that's what we do. This week we watched a small video called the Atonement and missionary work. It is powerful and if you would like to see it I encourage you to look it up on youtube.

The video is two talks one by Pres Eyering and one from Elder Holland. It describes that the Price of Salvation is not cheap nor is it easy. The Savior payed for it. The work that we as missionaries and member do to bring others unto Christ wouldn't make sense if it were always easy. Yes God prepares the Heart of men to accept the Gospel and they make the conversion easily sometimes but they will have hard times in their life at some point everyone must suffer. Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy. But the Gospel Brings true Joy, but it is impossible to know Joy with out suffering and pain. It is impossible to know success in the mission field with out working with all your heart might mind and strength only to be rejected. I smile. I carry on. I have felt the Love of Christ. I know that one day all men will know that Jesus is the Christ I am looking for those that will join me in the battle. I love the mission. 

This week we reviewed the Word of Wisdom with Jose Luis. They were living it other than the fact many members here don't understand the the problem with Coffee isn't the caffeine but the coffee itself and that they cant drink decaf. So we fixed that problem. We went back the next day and they had studied every word of the Pamphlet of the word of wisdom. ha they came across section 89 that talks about using wine as the sacrament. They wanted us to explain it. I had already studied it and my comp as well so it was pretty easy but it was pretty funny if you just go to the foot notes it takes you to section 25 or maybe 27 I'm having a brain cramp. But it explains it well. The footnotes are always great to check for the doubts. But they had also read the story of Daniel and thought that they couldn't eat meat at all. hahaha they were freaking out. It was great and it is all clear now. They understand that meat is in moderation. and that Christ Completed the Law of Moses. 

Well I hope that you all Enjoy the New Year!!! I Challenge you if you have time to try the challenge of the Book of Mormon. If not in three months in 6 or maybe 12. But also set Goals and stick to them!!!! Don't be like the People that go to the gym the first week of January and then by February the gym is empty again. Stick to your Goals whatever it is! 

Love Elder Biesinger
James with his chocolate orange, apron, and other items from his Christmas package from home. Love it!

James and his companion with the Barria Family on Christmas day

James 12 days of Christmas from home with Stocking from a members

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