Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hey Feliz Navidad!!!

This week we had Conference with President Kahnlein.  It was a really good conference. I'm super excited for the new year. First off they are Changing the key indicators. For those of you that don't know; a key indicator before where things, like how many lessons did you have with an investigator, and how many of those lessons did you have a member present? How many lessons did you have with a recent convert or with a less active? Or How many Book of Mormons did you give out? just to name a few. Its just pure numbers and personally I think it made missionary's focus in teaching lessons instead of teaching people and building the kingdom of God. So this next year instead of all that the only two key indicators will be....
How many Baptisms did you have this week?
How many People attended your ward or branches sacrament meeting?

I think that this is perfect and truly revelation from God. Baptism the door to the stairs of heaven and persevering to the end; or attending sacrament every week. It will be nice to have the help of the bishops to see who is assisting and who we can go and find. It really focuses in on bringing in the lost sheep. The focus is becoming Baptism Reactivation and Retention. We talk about this in every meeting. I'm stoked about the change.  I would like to know if it is happening in every mission, or just mine. I forgot to ask sometimes they use my mission as a pilot mission so that's why I ask. 
Also we will be reading the book of Mormon in three months as a mission we were all given a new hard back copy in both languages. Me and my comp are going to read it in both English and Spanish I am going to send a picture of the study plan for those of you that would like to join my mission in this. We have given study topics and one free topic. For my free topic I am going to look for Conversion, and stories of Conversion, but you can chose your own. 

As far as this week sometimes I get overly excited and I guess Porfirio is having a rough go. He is to kind and he gives in to what other people want in his life more than what is best for him.  He confuses love with problems at work. So his life is a mess and we are just going to keep a close friendship with him until he is ready to accept, and clean up his life. I wish I had time to explain it all but long story short he works with his ex girlfriend and they fight 24/7 so we are doing Internet in another place because he is closed because of it. ha Really he is  a great guy I hope he figures things out. 

Other than that one of the most spiritual thought provoking things in my mission happened this week. On Monday night we received a call from a member saying that there was an inactive on his death bed and he wanted a blessing. So we went. Normally we know all the less actives or at least are familiar with there names because we study the roles. even though sometimes there are 1000 names. He was not on the roles because he is so inactive. Well we went and he was laying in bed groaning and moaning. It was the most interesting experience. He was literally a skeleton. his thighs were nothing but his Femur. He was all but passed on. His family told us he was scared to die.  Sure enough he was. He was on deaths bed saying oh Lord my God I'm sorry. We blessed him and went by everyday. He passed away on Thursday 20 minutes before we arrived. Having experienced something like this I will never forget it. I invite all of us to remember we don't have to be scared of death or of its coming. I would invite all of you this Week of Christmas to do a little activity we are helping people to do. Take two pieces of paper on one write all of life's challenges, all the things that are hard, all the things that are difficult or temptations. on the Bottom of the paper or the top write Alma 7:10 through 11. on the other paper write all of the blessing and all of the happiness that you have in your life Everything that brings you Joy and on that paper write John 3:16 now read the Scriptures and thing about the birth of Christ. Meditate how you can receive the Gift.

I love you all and I hope that you enjoy this season! I have seen the great fruits of the Gospel I know Christ was born a child and left earth a resurrected God. Please remember him this week. Merry Christmas
Feliz Navidad!

Elder Biesinger

James and his comp. and a Christmas dinner

The church house in his area

Church house in his area

View of the church grounds

An inactive couple James help reactivate in his first area

Picture of the 3 month study guide  Sorry I can't get them to rotate.

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