Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6, 2015 letter

Wow What A SLOW week! hahah

But, for real. This week had to have been the slowest week of my life.. Monday went well, other than the fact that my cold got worse. But then Monday, Elder Alvarez fell sick with the Flu... It was a long three days in the house.. He had it pretty bad, we had lots of communication with the misión nurse. He was in bed basically the whole time. The Problem is that I couldn't sleep. It's hard for me to sleep more than 8 hours, so I was to anxious and had to much energy to just lay in bed.  So, I cooked, cleaned, did exercises, studied, and if you ask Elder Alvarez "made noise" haha

But finally on Friday, we were healthier and able to leave the house. It was a fast week after that, like normal. Friday, we had an activity of desserts with the Ward and investigators. I made Brownies and everyone loved them. Then Saturday we had the Special Conference; two Seventies, both Chileans, came.  Elder Zaballos, that spoke in conference, and will now be working in Salt lake in the misión office.  The other a new 70, Elder Guiffra. It was a really good Conference. The new stake was created, and the leaders were called.  It's really cool being here for so long, I know practically the whole Stake, so It was enjoyable.

This week President Díaz came to the misión, and President Kahnlein left. On Saturday, I was able to meet President Diaz a little, he is a very loving man. He played professional Soccer here in the U de Chile. He was never a misiónary and is a convert. He worked for the Church as the Director of Institute, and something here in Chile. So Far, I like him A Lot. This Friday, we will have Zone conference, and Interviews with just our Zone. So I'm excited to get to know him more.

This week, as I said the Fasting started for rain. When we left the Conference on Sunday it was Raining. God answers prayers of faith, and especially when we fast. We are very grateful for the rain, even though it's cold for being a missionary. It's fun to walk in the rain. Only problem is, that I have bought and ate more Halls Cough drops than in my whole life. I'm going to ask for a plaque that says Elder Halls and start to do Commercials for them on the side.. ha its terrible.

Also as many already Know CHILE WON LA COPA AMERICA!!!!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡C H E CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE VIVA CHILE!!! Ha no it was really cool, even though it kills the missionary work it was a cool and unbelievable crazy thing. They Played on Saturday, Chile vs Argentina a classic rivalry. The game was at 5 so Elder Zaballos changed the sesión of leaders from 4 to 3 o'clock, so that it wouldn't interfere. Every Chilean watched. They even had a special room for The two 70s President Diaz and their wives to watch. The game was supposed to end at 7 before the adult sesión, but it went long, going into penales (penalties) We started at 7 anyway, and there was lots of people. A long while after you started to hear the noise outside, and it was obvious who won... Ha when we left the church it was Wildly insane. There were fires lit in the Street, and everyone was running around with flags, driving victory laps with everyone out the windows, with flags and blow horns throwing stuff and screaming. We were on the far side of the city from where my apartment is on the top of the hill. We were waiting 40 minutes for a buss or a taxi to take us, with all the craziness around people yelling and screaming leaving their cars in the middle of the Street to come and tell us that Chile won. ha A little annoying but oh well. After 40 minutes, I had had it and I walked into the Street and stopped a taxi that only took us half way, but I knew that it would be more calm and easier to find a bus for the rest of the trip. We were 4 elders. After an hour and a twenty minutes we make the trip that the next morning took 30 minutes.. ha Oh well, it was a cool experience.I love Chile and I love the misión!

Love you all and miss you too!

Elder Biesinger

It's Cold!

Elder HALLS...haha

I'm a Chef  "Casuela a traditional Chilean Soup"

Elder Alvarez enjoying the soup.

Change of Mission President

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