Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 13, 2015

Bueno ¡¿Que tal?! 

Espero que todos estén muy bien y con arto éxito en todo lo que hacen.

Para mi this week was really good. It was another cold week but we found 7 new people to teach, which is a pretty good number. I would talk about all of them but there isn't time. So, I'll just say this MEMBERS are the best when they share the Gospel with their neighbors. ha Also, that as a missionary, never be afraid to ask people about their family and invite them to come share. 

One of the new people Found us.. Ha 10 year old Sebstian, one day came running screaming Tios tios Misioneros Misioneros
(Chilean Children say Tio or uncle as a for of respect ) But, he ran up with a bunch of friends and said I want to inscribe me.. haha I was a little surprised and said in English classes? But no he wanted to be baptised. (Maybe I already told this story) It happened a few weeks ago but we never found him until this week. Well, his mom is a less active baptized 5 years ago, she stopped going because she couldn't stop the tea or the coffee and felt bad. Now she is pregnant with her boyfriend. They don't really want to come to church yet but, Javier the boyfriend brought Seba to church and came to pick him up. Seba was great  he opened the door for everyone participated in everything and constantly told us he wants to be baptised and how he can be a missionary. It was a great uplifting happy thing. Hopefully we can work it out that he can be baptised he will need support. 

Also the fast worked again it rained all day on Sunday... ha 

We had conference with President Diaz and his Wife on Friday, it was very very nice. A different style than we were used to.  More interactive, and more like an institute class. He is a very great man, and his Wife is very great as well. My interview was very short, but he amidst the things we talked about, he said that it might be cool if I wanted to learn another language, like Portuguese.. so i might try that out or maybe another language if anyone wants to throw ideas... hahaha it will be hard but they say every language you learn is not only easier the third and the fourth but helps you understand the others more. So, We will see.  It was cool he told me I could do it if I wanted. 

I'm loving the mission and I'm doing well I love Chile and the Gospel.

Elder Biesinger

Ready for rain

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