Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pictures from last weeks zone conference and Letter from 9/16/2013

Hey! so this week was WINDY! its like march here! so we are going to fly kites by the ocean today haha.  This week was pretty good! We had the ward activity for the 18 of September, we played games and ate Empanadas y churripan y asados. We talked to a lot of people and had some powerful lessons. We had a lesson with a family that is practicing catholics. Juan y Nancy are the parents, they know a lot, but we really saw that their mode of thinking doesn't function, well everyone but Nancy. Her husband and daughter just were irritated with her because she was being stubborn. We will see how all that goes. We were walking passed an area where people always yell stuff at us, were were in a hurry to get to an appointment so we didn't stop, but a kid yelled at us in English Baptize me! Baptize me please! It was pretty funny because I really dint think he knows what than means. I told him he should go to the church and we can talk there. This week we went out with a youth from the ward, and all of out appointments fell. Which really sucks when you have a member, but he was like hey lets go knock doors. So we did. We knocked on one of our neighbors and we got in, gave her a book and had a powerful lesson.  It was awesome to see the faith of this young kid. Our investigator Editha is going to be baptised this Saturday. I'm excited, she is really ready we taught her the word of wisdom this week. She had a problem with tea and Coffee but dropped it right then and there, really cool. This week is going to be rough to get inside houses with all the parties, but I guess we can always just talk to people in the street. I love you all, and I love the mission. So many times I have felt supported by a force so much greater then mine own. I know the importance of this church and of the scriptures.  It is the greatest treasure there is. Live long and prosper. or in spanish Vive bien y prosperidad. haha 
Love Elder Biesinger
Picture taken 9/16/2013 for Aubrey to say Hi. Thanks for sharing Aubrey:)

September Zone Conference Vina del Mar. The rest of the pictures are from the Zone Conference

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