Monday, September 9, 2013

9/9/2013 Letter and Pictures

Hey All! So what an awesome week! We had a 2 zone conference in Viña with president! It was awesome. A huge focus on teaching and converting families, because the eternal life you have to be a family to have all the blessings! We have two baptismal dates coming up now! Alfredo, the fisherman, on the 29th and Edita, the pure Gold, on the 21st. We taught Alfredo about the restoration this week and when we got to the part about the Apostasy and how lots of churches were formed. He went off about how the catholic church was the worst of all. He started talking about the Bible and how the catholic church is the whore of the earth..... ha I didn't know what to say, he wanted us to like agree with him and jump on the bus.. we just laughed and went on. The biggest holiday is like their 4th of July but it is the 18th of September and it is huge!!! Like they are already celebrating a little. So there are a lot of drunk people in the streets, and they all have something to say to us. It's awesome. I spoke again yesterday in church, it was cool, it's pretty easy now. I'm not perfect in Spanish but I can talk without problem. I got told last night I'm picking up a Chilean accent finally! We have met a lot of interesting people this week! We will have to see if they progress. I am realizing how important families really are, and really mean. The Eternal Life in the reference section in Spanish says living with your family in the presence of God. Everything is centered in the family and I am praying to find the families! I love mine and am so grateful for them. 

Love Elder Biesinger.
The Chilean Ashley and Josh.  Her name is really Aschly :)

James and an Elder that service in the same ward

This is where they study, love all the little stuff in the picture.

Where James sleeps

Kitchen and where they change and a tiny closet??

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