Monday, September 2, 2013

9/2/2013 Pictures and Letter

Hello! So this week was pretty crazy but good. I spent a day in viña working in the hills (steep) while my comp was in District leader meetings. We had a mission ward activity or ward mission activity I think. It was cool  my comp and I  made a scavenger hunt from scriptures. Damariz, the reference from the recent convert, came to church she is golden. She was a testigo so we have to reteach her some stuff, but it is cool. She knows a lot, but is willing to change. Awesome! Edita, the 13 year old, is about ready to have a baptismal date, I think. So... funny story/ We were trying to contact some people in this apartment building and we were standing on the second level looking at the address.
We were thinking about where it was. A lady walked out her door while we were there,  we said hello, she looked at us and walked down the stairs saying nothing. I just thought, well okay, but its really kinda normal for that to happen. So we walked up a level, and she went down one. Well all of a sudden we hear "Hey listen the mormons are upstairs (in spanish)" so we are like are you serious? like she yelled it. So, we talked to our person and went down to leave the building, like 1 minute after she yelled. She locked us in, so we couldn't leave the building. I was a little irritated and being me I told my comp to come with me upstairs I wanted to do something. The lady had left her apartment so I decided not to knock on her door, instead I left a note saying Nos dicen mormones pero somos de la Iglesia de JesuCristo De los Santos de los Ultimos dias. :) gracias. Which means You call us mormons, but we are actually from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints :) Thank you. I then stuck it to a card of all things ahaha and put it under her door. I hope next time she decides to yell she says our name right. Well I'm almost out of time this week and I want to send pictures so until next week take care of yourselves! Love you
Love Elder Biesinger

James and Elder Sheffield

They went and saw a cove that was in their area

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