Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 14, 2015 letter

What a WEEK wahoo! We are going with the Frasinger power for six more weeks! So on Tuesday night Elder Herrera called us and said that Elder Fraser was going to leave the Area. We were with Mabel and she started to cry, she left and then He called back and said it was a joke that everyone in the Zone was going to stay this change and that two more Elders would come to replace the ones that went home. So, its a good new change we are pretty excited. Sometimes for exercise in the morning we go play soccer 2 vs 2 and I'm getting a little bit better... ha Also of course I feel like I have progressed a lot as a minister of Christ. We have been greatly blessed and I am understanding what it means to Teach with POWER and AUTHORITY.

-Nicolas received the Aaronic Priesthood and is already making plans for the mission. 
-I spoke on Sunday and it was really fun. 
- The Elders that came to the Zone didn't get there in time to catch a bus so we had to save them at 12 midnight they slept in our house with us. ha
-Mabel is seeing so many miracles in her life for her obedience its incredible I couldn't even begin to tell you. 
-Saturday we decided we had to participate in the world service project even though the branch didn't do anything so we called President Díaz and asked if we could do a project we put on the helping hands yellow and went around collecting TONS of garbage. A preacher dude set up his loud speaker and started preaching while we were picking up trash it was a cool experience to let your light shine through your GOOD WORKS. 
-Today we went to the south of town there is no beach just pure rocks ill send pics it was really cool there is an island that's full of sea lions.

Really I have learned so much in my life and it is a blessing to both learn A LOT more and apply what I have learned to help other people, 

Love Elder Biesinger

PS this week we need to find investigators a FAMILY preferably if you could just remember that in your prayers so that we can make the most of our time here teaching the chosen people. Remember the Scripture Moroni 7:26 if we ask and its good we can receive.

Thank you for all the love and support. 
Elder Biesinger

Only half the garbage they picked up

Sergo Herra and Maria

Elder Frasier

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