Monday, November 17, 2014

Back in Chile

Back in CHILE! November 9, 2014 email

Okay Everyone so I´m back! I am in the Zone of Belloto it is in the interior. It is more inland than Quilpue. I am in the sector called Liahona. My companion is Elder Velasco. He is from Bolivia. He has about 15 months in the mission. His companion got sick and went home for surgery a few weeks ago so he was in a trio. We are now back in his area but he only worked here for one transfer and then he went with the other elders for almost five weeks, so we know very little and we are trying to get started fresh. My trip here from Utah went smooth. Landing in Atlanta we had to wait for a terminal. For a while so by the time I got to my next flight I was one of the last five to board. Everyone was already on the plane and they were leaving in like 10 minutes. The moment I got to Santiago I flew threw customs and was one of the first ones out. My taxi saw me immediately and we left. He is a member from Valpo. Upon getting to the mission home president welcomed me and talked with me about my experiences. It was good but it didn't last very long. We then went to the mission office got my stuff that I left here and the other elders picked me up. We then hopped on the Micro (bus) and went to our area about an hour drive. when I got to the pension it was rough. Its kinda crappy. Ha president told me I need to find a new one actually before I ever got there. Its just really dirty. It has been difficult to adjust. The first time I had time to adjust in the MTC I was already trying to answer questions in Spanish and I wasn't used to a nice American home. The MTC is a good place to adjust. I went from home to lessons in less than 24 hours this time. Its been kinda hard. I'm doing fine though! our area is kinda a more wealthy one. We have every store that Chile has to offer. I'm talking as close to an American Walmart as possible and a JUMBO which is where you can buy American things. The only down side with this area is that rich people are not as friendly. and being this far from the coast makes summer really hot. Since getting here we have tough a few lessons but it was stake conference this week so Saturday and Sunday were pretty used up. The APs called me last night and asked how I was doing and what they could do for me. They insist that I call them today and tell them how they can help me and my area. Honestly that bugged me... As far as people that I already knew. My district leader is Elder Seamons. He was in Quintero while I was there just in the other half of the ward. Other than that I know who my Zone leaders are just from seeing them and that's it. Oh and one of the APs was in my first Zone. I don't know what else to write! the weather here is nice it feels like early summer. the mornings are perfectly cool and the days heat up. I'm doing well I appreciate all the prayers and support. 

Love you all. 

Elder Biesinger

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